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Amateur Radio Operators in the Philippines.

Please search for your callsign or name and if not found please email your details and a copy of your RSL to webmaster. To respect your privacy PARA will only enter Name, Callsign and Club. If you like to show your email or mailing address etc then please let us know. We are currently updating the database contents and style so please bear with us during the construction phase.

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CallsignNameAddressClubemailWeb Page
DW1DLYDolores B. Gonzales PARL/MAGELLAN  
DW1EKDRosita A. Olfindo GSP SHARES  
DW1EMHElias M. Banting SCAN INT.  
DW1EQQMarino B. SisonQuezon  
DW1HBVEvelyn R. Culanag ACES  
DW1IEQLorna T. Gozum SCAN INT.  
DW1IGDMila T. Sakaki    
DW1IHNImelda Rowena E. Nuyles GSP SHARES  
DW1IOSIgnacio V. Tan RAIN  
DW1JAYJose Francisco A. De Jesus 480 HB  
DW1JOBJaime A. Dela Cruz Compass, Inc.  
DW1JSTRaquel DG. Witjes GSP SHARES  
DW1KGAVictoriano I. San Antonio, Jr. PARL  
DW1KICLeonardo L. Cuevas RAVEN  
DW1KIJJose C. Ilao RAVEN  
DW1KIQAmpriend T. Pacon RAVEN INC  
DW1KISArnel D. Cabrera 
DW1LHKElsal B. Magnaye AWARDS  
DW1MDUJusto B. Ignacio RAIN  
DW1MTSDominador P. San Andres Jr.Navotas, Metro  


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