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Play TitleAuthorCountryRuntimeMaleFemaleMax. CastMin. CastMediaGenreId
The Boundary Trial of John ProctorCarolyn GageUSA11-30 minutes    StageDrama682
The P.E. TeacherCarolyn GageUSA11-30 minutes    StageDrama684
PatricideCarolyn GageUSA1-5 minutes    StageDrama683
Bite My ThumbCarolyn GageUSA11-30 minutes    StageComedy685
The Poorly-Written Play FestivalCarolyn GageUSA31-60 minutes    StageComedy686
The Obligatory SceneCarolyn GageUSA11-30 minutes    StageDrama687
The Gage and Mr. ComstockCarolyn GageUSA1-5 minutes    StageDrama688
'Til the Fat Lady SingsCarolyn GageUSA31-60 minutes    MusicalComic/Drama689
The A-Mazing Yamashita and the Gold-diggers of 2010Carolyn GageUSA31-60 minutes    StageComic/Drama690
The Countess and the LesbiansCarolyn GageUSA31-60 minutes    StageDrama691
Souvenirs from EdenCarolyn GageUSA11-30 minutes    StageDrama692
LIPSTICK ON A PIGLinda A. EvansUSA61-90 minutes22  StageDrama543
...Enter your full name here 1-5 minutes    Select>Select>711
FRANK LILJEGREN: Portrait of an Artist, Art Students League, NY, NYLinda EvansUSA11-30 minutes10  FilmSelect>719
... Tara Goldstein 1-5 minutes    Select>Select>741