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Play TitleAuthorCountryRuntimeMaleFemaleMax. CastMin. CastMediaGenreId
ShoeboxStacey LaneUSA1-5 minutes11202StageLight Drama868
StalemateStacey LaneUSA1-5 minutes1132StageComedy869
Tummy TiradeStacey LaneUSA1-5 minutes1122StageComedy870
The Unwelcome MatStacey LaneUSA1-5 minutes1122StageComedy871
Jews in my BasementStacey LaneUSA120+plus minutes3366StageComedy872
TrappingsStacey LaneUSA91-120 minutes0333StageComic/Drama873
Waiting For HelenNatalya ChurlyuaevaRussia61-90 minutes3476StageDrama874
Escape To HappinessNatalya ChurlyaevaRussia61-90 minutes2466StageSelect>875
Granny’s BirthdayNatalya ChurlyaevaRussia61-90 minutes4487StageBlack Humour876
Things Not Said for a Long TimeNatalya ChurlyaevaRussia31-60 minutes1122StageComic/Drama877
Apartment ¹ 6Natalya ChurlyaevaRussia61-90 minutes4487StageComic/Drama878
Without LoveNatalya ChurlyaevaRussia91-120 minutes74118StageDrama879
Sins of the Mothers Natalya ChurlyaevaRussia1-5 minutes2465StageDrama880
When Your Clock StrikesNatalya ChurlyaevaRussia11-30 minutes2243StageLight Drama881
The ContactNatalya ChurlyaevaRussia61-90 minutes7297StageComedy882