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Victorian Era Calling Card Samples/Patterns


Giving basic information about the pattern (i.e. name, price-if noted, and more.

In time more information will be applied to this database.

The data presented is to be considered "As Is" and the database owner (Colleen Method AKA Chilandra) should not be held liable for errors in names or in an entry.

90 entries in all: 

Pattern Name
#2 Floral
#20 Fancy Name.
#21 Fancy Shape.
#22 Gold Beveled Edge.
#23 Mixed Pack.
#24 Fancy Gold Bevel
Anchor Chromo
Art Gem
Artist Pallette
Basket Motto
Berlin Bouquet
Bevel Edge A.4
Bevel Edge Bouquet
Bevel Edge D
Bevel Edge J
Bevel Edge L
Bevel Edge O
Bevel Edge V
Bird Floral
Bird Motto
Card No. 87
Comic Chromo
Concealed Motto
Domestic Pets
Elete Chromo
Embossed Foliage
Embossed Hands
Empress Card
Exchange Card
Fireman Card
Floral Gems
French Bouquet
French Chromo
Friendship Cards
Fringe Embossed Hand
Gem Motto
Gold Border
Gold Fan
Gold Gem
Gold Inlaid
Good Luck Cards
Good Templar Card
Kitty Series
Knight Templar Card
Knights of Pythias
La Belle Card
Ladies Favorite
Lily and Rose
Lovers Motto
Maiden Series
Masonic Card
Motto Heart
Mourning Card
Narrow Bevel Edges
Ne Plus Ultra
New Floral Chromo
Ocean Shell
Odd Fellow Card
Pattern Name Unknown (A Birthday Greeting)
Pattern Name Unknown (Fringed Hidden Name - Flower with ladies hand)
Pattern Name Unknown (Hidden Name - A little bird my secret holds)
Pattern Name Unknown (Hidden Name - For roses...)
Pattern Name Unknown (Hidden Name - Forget me not)
Pattern Name Unknown (Hidden Name - Happy Birthday...)
Pattern Name Unknown (Take my loves greeting...)
Pattern Name Unknown (Take This Rose)
Pattern Name Unknown (The glass reflects)
Pattern Name Unknown (Wishing you every happiness)
Pattern Name Unknown (With Hope...)
Pattern Name Unknown - Pink Peony
Pattern Name Unknown - White Peony
Pearl Floral
Peerless Chromo
Photograph Cards
Regal Lapped
Royal Arch Mason
Sample 40 assorted chromo no 2 alike for 10c.
Satin Fringe
Sentimental Cards
Series No. 105 (Part of Set of 3)
Series No. 105 (Part of Set of 3)
Series No. 105 (Part of Set of 3) - Dated 1883
Series No. 916
Silk Bow
Silver Band
South Chromo
Valentine Gem
Vase Series
Wedding Bristol Card No. 504
White Bristol
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This is a database of calling card sample pattern names and information.

Colleen Method

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