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Message from : xiaohei xiaohei on 5/29 2023, EMail: leadingcoating1@gmail.com
Unsafe factors that cannot be ignored in industrial furnaces

    Industrial furnace is one of the common equipment in industrial production. It is mainly used in heating, smelting, drying, sintering and other processes. The high concentration and accurate control of temperature and heat source in the furnace make it indispensable in many industrial production processes. one of the devices. Application of Vacuum Heat Treatment in Fastener Manufacturing However, in the process of using industrial furnaces, there are also some unsafe factors that cannot be ignored, which may lead to equipment failure, personal injury, and even serious accidents such as fire and explosion.Optimal Vacuum Heat Treatment For Bevel Gears First of all, it is the control of the temperature in the furnace. Industrial furnaces need to control the temperature during the heating process to achieve safe and stable production. However, if the control system in the furnace fails or is improperly adjusted, the temperature will be out of control, causing the temperature to be too high or too low, causing equipment failure or explosion.Vacuum Hardening Stainless Steel In addition, due to the high temperature in the furnace, if you accidentally open the operation door or the observation port, etc., it may cause the staff to be burned by the heat in the furnace.Metallographic Inspection Knowledge of Bolt Quenching And Tempering
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