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Message from : micle jack on 6/12 2023, EMail: miclejackseptember2022@gmail.com
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    Banocide Forte is a medication commonly used for the treatment of parasitic infections caused by filarial worms. It contains the active ingredient <a href="https://www.dosepharmacy.com/banocide-forte-100mg-tablet">diethylcarbamazine citrate</a>,

    which works by killing or immobilizing the adult worms. Banocide Forte is primarily used in the management of diseases like lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis) and tropical eosinophilia. It helps reduce symptoms associated with these conditions, such as swelling, inflammation, and allergic reactions. The medication is typically prescribed under the supervision of a healthcare professional, who will determine the appropriate dosage and treatment duration based on the specific infection and individual patient factors.
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