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Message from : bhartieye on 12/9 2022, EMail: bhartieyefoundation3@gmail.com
Contact lenses: What to know before you buy

    Contact lens is tiny, translucent plastic discs that float on the tear film and cover the cornea. Contact lenses are more comfortable than eyeglasses, yet their functions are identical. Contact lenses and eyeglasses are both used to correct refractive problems and improve eyesight. Contact lenses cure refractive errors such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism (distorted vision), and presbyopia (changes to near vision that occurs with the age). Contact lenses are used instead of glasses.
    The Benefits of Contact Lenses
    • Suitable for all weather conditions
    • There is no need to be concerned about capturing moisture.
    • Keep dust and dirt particles out of your eyes.
    • More comfy than glasses
    • Enhance your vision
    • Available in several colours
    • It can be utilised for aesthetic purposes.
    • No need to be concerned about broken eyewear.
    • Boost your self-esteem
    • You are at ease wearing contact lenses.
    • Ideal for sporting events
    Contact lens disadvantages
    If you wear contact lenses for an extended period of time, they can be dangerous. The following eye problems are possible:
    • Watery eyes
    • An eye infection
    • It takes some time to acclimate at first.
    • When bathing or swimming, you must remove your contact lenses.

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