This is the original Boer War database that was the foundation of the 2013 PhD "Nurses in the Boer War" by Lt Col (Retd) Dr Keiron Spires QVRM TD. In this database you can find:

It is clear that nurses moved from one category to another, many locally employed or civilian nurses were taken into Princess Christian's Army Nursing Service (Reserve), and many Reserve nurses joined the full-time Army Nursing Service. I have tried to combine records where it is clear that multiple entries belong to the same person and have given their category as that in which they ended their service in the Boer War. I have added to the medal roll information details from other sources (Census, Nominal Rolls, The Army List, Shipping Lists, Nursing Journals and The London Gazette), all of which are referenced so that you can find the primary source for yourself. Please note that not all the Medal Rolls survive or are legible so there will never be a definitive list of these nurses.If you cannot find what you want please contact us, and we will see what I can find out for you.

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DetailsFinal GradeForename(s)SurnameFinal Employment Status
MoreSisterAdrian Religious Order
MoreSisterAdrien Religious Order
MoreSisterAgatha Religious Order
MoreRev. MotherAgnes Religious Order
MoreSisterAgnes Religious Order
MoreSisterAloysia Religious Order
MoreRev. MotherAlphonse Religious Order
MoreSisterAlphonsus de Sales Religious Order
MoreSisterAnnie Religious Order
MoreSisterAnthony Religious Order
MoreSisterArsene Religious Order
MoreRev. MotherAugusta Religious Order
More ...NurseB  
MoreSisterBernadin Religious Order
MoreSisterCaroline Religious Order
MoreSisterCharles Religious Order
MoreSisterClare Religious Order
MoreSisterColombo Religious Order
MoreNurseDominica Locally Employed Nurse
MoreSisterElla Religious Order
MoreSisterEmilie Religious Order
MoreSisterEvangelist Religious Order
MoreSisterEvangilista Religious Order
MoreSisterFlora Elizabeth Religious Order
MoreMother SuperiorFrancis de Sales Religious Order
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