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Title:Stabat Mater
Type:Sacred Music
Location:Chamber hall of philharmonic society (Lenin's house).
Novosibirskaya Oblast'.
Info:Chamber hall of Philharmonic Society (Lenin's house)

"dedication Yeya Velicestvu"- entertaining lecture with the musical reproduction.
Compositions of court composers for the Russian empresses from 1725 through 1812.

CAVOS (Cavos) Katarino Of al'bertovich (1775-1840)
Fragments of opera "IVAN Susanin"

In the program:
1 department

Maxim Is berezovskiy (1745 - y""")"Liturgiya "

Domenico Cimarosa (Cimarosa, Domenico) (1749-1801)"magnifikat"

Tomazo Of trayetta (Traetta, Tomaso 1727-1779)"Stabat mater"

2 the department

Giovanni paiziyello (1741 - 1816) ariyetta "Nel cor piu non the mi sento"

Dmitriy bortnyanskiy (1751-1825)
"Amur is winged" song Karil'o from the opera "Son- rival"
"about the the excellent Of tirsise"romans from the album, dedicated to empress Mary fedorovne

Osip (Jozef) Antonovich Of kozlovskiy(y"shch", Warsaw - 11 III 1831, Petersburg)
"prezhestokaya sud'bina" the romance

Daniel kashin (1770-1841)
2 workings of the Russian folk songs:
"ah, however, the fact that of dear"
"ah, you do not wake me to molodu"

Vicente Martin y Soler (1754-1806)
"in the village, the village Pokrovskiy"
aria Dunyashi from the opera "Fedul with the children" (1791)

Mikhail Sokolovsky (1756 -?) the scene of Fetinyas and Ankudina
from the opera "miller, magician, deceiver and svat"(y""9)

CAVOS Katarino Of al'bertovich (1775-1840)

the "song Of marusi" from the anecdotic opera "cossack is poet" (1815)
Opera "Ivan Susanin" the fragments
"do not rage winds violent" the chorus
"glory to god merciful" chorus and the solo of Matvei
"sourly from dear to part" the duet of Mashas and Aleksey "here now from sel' I will be released" the aria of Aleksey
To "zarane to destroy by gift life to ruin" trio Ivan, Matvey, Masha.
"let villain frightens" by trio and the final chorus

Choral ensemble Of "markellovy of voice"
Klavesin- Helen popovskaya
Irma meladze's Piano

Jan Mamonova (soprano)
Natalie mytnik (soprano)
Svetlana klim (soprano)
Vasiliy novikov(tenor)
Andrey Sokolov (baritone)
Aleksey Bazhen (dissent- tenor)
Ludmila meshchaninova (alto)
Sergey tenitilov (bass)

Introduction musicologist is the sea-scape Of yakushevich
Lecturer- moderator the deserved artist of Russia Sergey Novikov
Scenario and setting Yevgeny Is skukovskiy
Author of program and conductor igor'Tyuvayev.

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