- In Rhode Island Voters Rule!

Voters Rule!

Advocates sound off on voter initiative --April 25, 2005. Operation Clean Government is trying to get legislation on the ballot that would allow voters to propose laws -- or amend or repeal existing laws -- by petitioning to get them on the ballot.
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Op Ed: Voter Initiative - having a stronger voice in your government --March 3, 2005. By Senator Marc A. Cote.
Letter: RI needs voter initiative, not a new party --March 28, 2005. By Roy Pruett. Letter to the Providence Journal.

Initiative and Referendum Petition to the Rhode Island General Assembly – Voter Initiative

We, the undersigned registered voters, request to vote at the November 2006 general election to amend the constitution pursuant to the language of Senate bill 05S-0124 and its House companion, and the identical 2006 version of this bill to allow the people to reserve to themselves the power through petition, known as initiative and referendum, to propose laws and amendments to the constitution and to adopt or reject the same.

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