What is baseportal?

baseportal is a web-based database platform. Use it from anywhere from any computer without programming knowledge - for free! Within minutes the first database is created. Adapt the design to your own needs and if you are an experienced user you can use your own programs as well.

Who needs baseportal?

Everyone... ;-)

Whether you want to manage your addresses with the browser, maintain an online shop or simplify the work with your web appearance - baseportal is in every case the easiest, fastest and greatest help!

Already over 200.000 registered users create their web pages with baseportal!

What can I do with baseportal?

Everything... ;-)

At least everything you need for your website. Here are some practical examples:

Those are only some few examples from thousands web applications realized with baseportal!

How to start?

The "Guided Tour" shows the basic concepts of baseportal.

Learn step by step to create your first web database in the "Easy Start".

Pros can register straight away. They should get it without problems.

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