Victorian Era Calling Cards Genealogical Database
Victorian Era Calling Cards Genealogical Database
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SurnameFull Name on CardCall NumberSoundex
HansonLissie E HansonHans-MEH525
HansonMrs Esther HansonHans-MEH525
HansonWillie E HansonHans-MEH525
HargillMrs E H HargillHarg-MEH624
HarkNelia S HarkHark-NYH620
HartensteinIrwin R HartensteinHart-PAH635
HartensteinKatie HartensteinHart-INH635
HauverEmma E HauverHauv-PAH160
HawesWillis F HawesHawe-MEH200
HayesMamie A HayesHaye-PAH200
HaysClifford P HaysHays-PAH200
HeathJudson HeathHeat-NYH300
HeltWilliam B HeltHelt-INH430
HermansenJulia B or O HermansenHerm-NDH655
HermansenJulia HermansenHerm-NDH655
HerseyFrank J HerseyHers-MEH620
HerseyFrank J HerseyHers-MEH620
HerseyHattie E G HerseyHers-MEH620
HerseyJason L HerseyHers-MEH620
HeyerHenry J HeyerHeye-PA-SBK1H600
HigleyMary E HigleyHigl-INH240
HigleyMary E HigleyHigl-INH240
HigleyMary E HigleyHigl-INH240
HigleyVernon O HigleyHigl-INH240
HildebrandAlice HildebrandHild-INH431
HildebrandIda HildebrandHild-INH431
HiltonLizzie A HiltonHilt-MEH435
HiltonNellie A HiltonHilt-MEH435
HitchcockMiss Grace A HitchcockHitc-NYH322
HoffmanCarrie HoffmanHoff-INH155
HoffmanCarrie HoffmanHoff-INH155
HoffmanMiss Sophia M HoffmanHoff-NYH155
HofstetterC G HofstetterHofs-MOH123
HofstetterJacob HofstetterHofs-MOH123
HofstetterMr John HofstettlerHofs-MOH123
HolbrookAlbert HolbrookHolb-PAH416
HoltElnora M HoltHolt-VT-SBK2H430
HooperCrissie E HooperHoop-MEH160
HooperCrissie E HooperHoop-MEH160
HooperMary A HooperHoop-MEH160
HowellFred W HowellHowe-MEH400
HowesLorrie HowesHowe-NYH200
HusemannMiss Amanda HusemannHuse-IAH255
HusemannMiss Amanda HusemannHuse-IAH255
HusseyBennie F HusseyHuss-MEH200
HusseyGeorge H HusseyHuss-MEH200
HutchinsFannie M B HutchinsHutc-MEH325
HutchinsGlen B HutchinsHutc-VT-SBK2H325
JackmanGeorge JackmanJack-INJ255
JaquithW B JaquithJaqu-MEJ230
JohnsonArtie M JohnsonJohn-MEJ525
JohnsonChristine JohnsonJohn-NDJ525
JohnsonForest M JohnsonJohn-VT-SBK2J525
JohnsonWilliam H JohnsonJohn-INJ525
JonesH Lincoln JonesJone-MEJ520
KaufmanLizzee KaufmanKauf-MOK155
KeckEmma Y KeckKeck-PAK200
KeckMahala V KeckKeck-PAK200
KeckMahala V KeckKeck-PAK200
KelleyGrace Cushing KelleyKell-NYK400
KempWm A KempKemp-CTK510
KendallAnnie Laurie KendallKend-VT-SBK2K534
KenyonAnna B KenyonKeny-NYK550
KerusArthur E KerusKeru-MOK620
KesslerFlora KesslerKess-MOK246
KestnerFrancie KestnerKest-INK235
KilianElfriede KilianKili-MEK450
KinneyDolly KinneyKinn-MEK500
KlenkWilliam KlenkKlen-OHK452
KnappB D KnappKnap-NYK510
KnappCharley J KnappKnap-VT-SBK2K510
KnightIda B KnightKnig-NYK523
KnowlesMabel A KnowlesKnow-MEK542
KoenigEditha KoenigKoen-MEK250
KrauseJacob B KrauseKrau-PAK620
KrollFrau Ka(s or t)e KrollKrol-MEK640
KrullFrank KrullKrul-MOK640
KrullLouis KrullKrul-MOK640
KuntzyCatherine C KuntzyKunt-MOK532
KuntzyMargaret A KuntzyKunt-MOK532
KuntzyMary F KuntzyKunt-MOK532
KuntzySamuel A KuntzyKunt-MOK532
KuntzyWm H KuntzyKunt-MOK532
KutchinsHarry KutchinsKutc-VT-SBK2K325
LantzJohn R LantzLant-PAL523
LashierHerbert D LashierLash-NYL260
LaurentMrs Frederic LaurentLaur-MEL653
LauverJohn H LauverLauv-PAL160
LeabittGeorge LeabittLeab-MEL130
LeathermanWilliam E LeathermanLeat-PAL365
LeBarronFrankie Le BarronLeBa-NYL165
LeivengoodWillie LeivengoodLeiv-PAL152
LeivengoodWillie LeivengoodLeiv-PAL152
LeivengoodWillie LeivengoodLeiv-PAL152
LeivengoodWillie LeivengoodLeiv-PAL152
LeivengoodWillie LeivengoodLeiv-PAL152
LerchHenry LerchLerc-PA-SBK1L620
LerchMary W LerchLerc-PA-SBK1L620
LishonWillard LishonLish-MEL250
LodgeMrs L G LodgeLodg-NYL320
LongdonClinton W LongonLong-NYL523
LordMaggie L LordLord-MEL630
LordMary E LordLord-VT-SBK2L630
LordMrs M C LordLord-MEL630
LoshornAlbion F LorshornLosh-MEL265
LoshornAlbion F LoshornLosh-MEL265
LoshornGeorge D LoshornLosh-MEL265
LoshornWillard LoshornLosh-MEL265
LowellAlvin A LowellLowe-MEL400
LowellClarence W LowellLowe-MEL400
LowellGeorge F LowellLowe-MEL400
LowellJennie B LowellLowe-MEL400
LowellSamuel F LowellLowe-MEL400
LowellWillie LowellLowe-MEL400
LowryMrs R W LowryLowr-NYL600
LuckJulius W LuckLuck-NYL200
LugehorHerta LugehorLuge-MEL260
LumbertRussell A LumbertLumb-MEL516
LundCharlotte LundLund-MEL530
LycharnCharles H LycharnLych-MEL265
LyshornJohn LyshornLysh-MEL265
MajetteAnnie R MajetteMaje-MEM240
MajetteAnnie R MajetteMaje-MEM240
MajetteAnnie R MajetteMaje-MEM240
MajetteM Maria MajetteMaje-MEM240
MarshSallie MarshMars-PA-SBK1M620
MarshallLinda MarshallMars-INM264
MarshallLinda MarshallMars-INM264
MartinAndrew R MartinMart-NYM635
MartinJennie May MartinMart-MEM635
MartinJennie May MartinMart-MEM635
MartinMr & Mrs F H MartinMart-INM635
MartinMrs C G MartinMart-MEM635
MartinSelden B or D MartinMart-MEM635
MasterJacob J MasterMast-PAM263
MasterJacob J MasterMast-PAM263
MasterJacob MasterMast-PAM263
MaxfieldMrs David L MaxfieldMaxf-NYM214
MaximAlton F MaximMaxi-MEM250
Mc LaughlinGrace G Mc LanglinMcLa-MEM242
McFairSarah E McFairMcFa-NYM216
McFalknerBenjamin McFalknerMcFa-INM214
McFear or McFeanSarah E McFear or McFeanMcFe-NYM215-6
McKinneyWilliam P McKinneyMcKi-NYM250
MehleumIngeborg MehleumMehl-NDM450
MerrillA.C. MerrillMerr-CAM640
MetzMaggie M MetzMetz-INM320
MidgettEmily L MidgettMidg-MEM323
MidgettMr S D MidgettMidg-MEM323
MidgettMrs S D MidgettMidg-MEM323
MidgettMrs S D MidgettMidg-MEM323
MitchellGeorge MitchellMitc-MEM324
MitmanEmily M MitmanMitm-PA-SBK1M355
MitmanHarvey B MitmanMitm-PA-SBK1M355
MitmanHarvey B MitmanMitm-PA-SBK1M355
MitmanHarvey B MitmanMitm-PA-SBK1M355
MitmanIrvin C MitmanMitm-PA-SBK1M355
MitmanMary C MitmanMitm-PA-SBK1M355
MitmanMoina M MitmanMitm-PA-SBK1M355
MitmanWesley S MitmanMitm-PA-SBK1M355
MitmanWilliam F MitmanMitm-PA-SBK1M355
MoechHarry I MoechMoec-MEM200
MooreAlbert H MooreMoor-NYM600
MooreAugusta M MooreMoor-NYM600
MooreGenie C MooreMoor-NYM640
MooreHerman W MooreMoor-NYM600
MorrellCornelis Q MorrellMorr-MEM640
MorrellCyrus E MorrellMorr-MEM640
MorrellCyrus E MorrellMorr-MEM640
MorrellDora F MorrellMorr-MEM640
MorrillN P MorrillMorr-MEM640
MorseMargie Maria MorseMors-MEM620
MorseSherman H MorseMors-VT-SBK2M620
MoserWm G MoserMose-MOM260
MoultonJoseph M MoultonMoul-MEM435
MoultonJoseph M MoultonMoul-MEM435
MoultonLadora MoultonMoul-MEM435
MoultonLadora MoultonMoul-MEM435
MoultonMrs C or E MoultonMoul-MEM435
MuterThomas W MuterMute-INM360
NcuenschwanberZipora NcuenschwanberNcue-MON252
NeilMerritt S NeilNeil-VT-SBK2N400
NeimanLewin W NeimanNeim-PAN550
NeuenscdwanderJoshua NeuenscdwanderNeue-MON525
NeuenschwanderMiriam NeuenschwanderNeue-MON525
NeuenscwanderJohnny NeuenscwanderNeue-MON525
NewellLida M NewellNewe-VT-SBK2N400
NewellSarah E NewellNewe-VT-SBK2N400
NickeyPhilip A NickeyNick-PAN200
NilesMaggie NilesNiles-NYN420
NoesDina E NoesNoes-OHN200
O'ConnerLoretta O'ConnerO'Co-INO256
O'ConnerThomas R O'ConnerO'Co-INO256
OdlinV Stuart OdlinOdli-MEO345
OdlinVictor W OdlinOdli-MEO345
OdomMiss Pattie B OdomOdom-MEO350
OswaldCassie C OswaldOswa-INO243
OswaldHarry J OswaldOswa-INO243
ParkerD B ParkerPark-MEP626
ParksFred F ParksPark-MEP620

This database is one of the first online for calling card data. The cards come from all over the world (most from the U.S.) and date from 1850-1910 and are mainly undated.

- People around the world used calling cards for the call - which is a visit to someones house or place. Special etiquette rules were honored for such a visit.
- Ever wonder where your relatives visited? Or even where the calling cards they may have given out ended up? This database is meant to answer these questions and more importantly - how they noted themselves on the cards. The names can also give insight on what could be noted on documents.

- The data presented is to be considered "As Is" and the database owner (Colleen Method) should not be held liable for errors in names or in an entry. The names presently in the database come the owners own collection of cards.

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