Victorian Era Calling Cards Genealogical Database
Victorian Era Calling Cards Genealogical Database
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SurnameFull Name on CardCall NumberSoundex
PayneMyra C or G PaynePayn-NYP500
PerhamMyrtie L PerhamPerh-MEP650
PierceIngram C PiercePier-CAP620
PiersonAllen Pierson, M.D.Pier-INP265
PlaistedGeorge W PlaistedPlai-NYP423
PomeroyEdgar E PomeroyPome-NYP560
PraiswaterFrances PraiswaterPrai-MOP623
PrattMr & Mrs Austin PrattPratt-VT-SBK2P630
ProctorIna F ProctorProc-MEP623
PryerWilson L PryerPrye-PAP660
PurdeyMors E PurdeyPurd-NYP630
QuimbyEliza A QuimbyQuim-MEQ510
QuimbyJ M QuimbyQuim-MEQ510
QuimbyJ M QuimbyQuim-MEQ510
RagnullAnnie RagnullRagn-INR254
ReedNora M ReedRee-USAR300
ReidenoverGeorge ReidenoverReid-PAR351
ReightnourGeorge M ReightnourReig-VTR235
ReightnourGeorge M ReightnourReig-VTR235
ReillyM ReillyReil-NYR400
ReussFrederick ReussReus-PAR600
RhoadsEmma RhoadsRhoa-PAR320
RhoadsEmma RhoadsRhoa-PAR320
RhoadsIrving H RhoadsRhoa-PAR320
RhoadsIrving H RhoadsRhoa-PAR320
RiceAmy B RiceRice-MER200
RichardsMiss Jennie M RichardsRich-NYR263
RingElmira S RingRing-MER520
RingLizzie E RingRing-MER520
RingLizzie E RingRing-MER520
RippelFred RippelRipp-INR140
RippelLena M RippelRipp-INR140
RobertsMary H RobertsRobe-INR163
RobertsMrs M Y RobertsRobe-INR163
RochSarah RochRoch-MOR200
RoolK M RoolRool-NYR400
RoolK M RoolRool-NYR400
RoseJohnny RoseRose-PAR200
RotdC or T P RotdRotd-MOR300
RowdoinSadie F RowdoinRowd-MER350
RowdoinSadie F RowdoinRowd-MER350
RufenachtBarbara RufenachtRufe-MOR152
RufenachtClara RufenachtRufe-MOR152
RufenachtGrant J RufenachtRufe-MOR152
RunnalsNettie M RunnalsRunn-MER542
RunteEva A RunteRunt-INR530
RussellBertha M RussellRuss-NYR240
RussellMr & Mrs J C RussellRuss-NYR240
RussellWillie A RussellRuss-NYR240
SaddlemireMerit J SaddlemireSadd-NYS345
SahmRobert A SahmSahm-PAS500
SanbornBertha L SanbornSanb-MES516
SappCharles H SappSapp-PA-SBK1S100
SawyerGeorgie B SawyerSawy-MES600
SawyerSamuel SawyerSawy-MES600
SawyerSamuel SawyerSawy-MES600
SaylorFreddie SaylorSayl-PAS460
SchafferOscar SchafferScha-PAS160
SchefteyAnnie M SchefteySche-PAS130
SchoolcraftErnest SchoolcraftScho-NYS426
SchoolcraftLanson A SchoolcraftScho-NYS426
SchoolcraftMrs & Mr John D SchoolcraftScho-NYS426
SchroederHenry SchroederSchr-PAS363
SchugLillie SchugSchu-PA-SBK1S200
SchultzEdith J SchultzSchu-INS432
SearsMaggie L SearsSear-MES620
SeaverMiss Seaver (Miss E F Seaver)Seav-NYS160
SeaverMiss Seaver (Miss E F Seaver)Seav-NYS160
SettleMr & Mrs Ira SettleSett-NYS340
ShaffstallAdella E ShaffstallShaf-INS123
ShaffstallMrs I D ShaffstallShaf-INS123
ShattoLizzie M ShattoShat-USAS300
ShaverLydia May ShaverShav-PAS160
ShillingsWilmont E ShillingsShil-MES452
ShiremanLouisa ShiremanShir-INS655
ShoulterMelvin ShoulterShou-NYS436
ShoultesArthur W ShoultesShou-NYS432
ShoultesDora E ShoultesShou-NYS432
ShoultesEdward W ShoultesShou-NYS432
ShoultesFred D ShoultesShou-NYS432
ShoultesRomanzo W ShoultesShou-NYS432
ShultzEdith J ShultzShul-INS432
ShultzEthyl E ShultzShul-INS432
SinnettAndrew J SinnettSinn-NYS530
SmallJulie E SmallSmal-MES540
SmallNettie B SmallSmal-MES540
SmallWillard S SmallSmal-MES540
SmallwoodJohn W SmallwoodSmal-MOS543
SmithDick SmithSmit-INS530
SmithEddie SmithSmit-MOS530
SmithJacob A SmithSmit-PAS530
SmithMiss Viola Agnes SmithSmit-NYS530
SmithSusan M SmithSmit-VTS530
SnellSallie A SnellSnel-PAS540
SouthardE A SouthardSout-INS363
SouthardMecca SouthardSout-INS363
SpanglerJoye L SpanglerSpan-INS152
SpauldingClyde O SpauldingSpau-MES143
SpencerClair M SpencerSpen-NYS152
SpencerFrank SpencerSpen-INS152
StarrettWilliam S StarrettStarr-NYS363
SteversMrs Carrie SteversStev-NYS316
StewartAndrew J StewartStew-MES363
StewartRobert A StewartStew-CTS363
StillsCarrie B StillsStil-PAS342
StockwellLeon C StockwellStoc-VT-SBK2S324
StockwellMabel F StockwellStoc-VT-SBK2S324
StohlmannC Frank StohlmannStoh-MES345
StohlmannMiss Edna E StohlmannStoh-MES345
StrainIsaac H StrainStra-INS365
SullivanMrs Bertha L SullivanSull-MES415
SwezeyLynn SwezeySwez-NYS200
TappanRalph M TappanTapp-MET150
TarbellBertha L TarbellTarb-VT-SBK2T614
TarbellJessie L TarbellTarb-VT-SBK2T614
TaylorC J TaylorTayl-VT-SBK2T460
TaylorMalissa E TaylorTayl-INT460
TaylorMollie F TaylorTayl-INT460
TaylorValnetta TaylorTayl-INT460
TenckmannHermine TenckmannTenc-MET525
TerrierRosa E TerrierTerr-INT660
ThomWilliam M ThomThom-NYT500
ThomasFlora B ThomasThom-INT520
ThomasMr W ThomasThom-NYT520
ToddMinnie E ToddTodd-NYT300
TottenHerman H TottenTott-NYT350
TowneMrs D K TowneTown-NYT500
TownerClarence TownerTown-NYT560
TubbsNealie TubbsTubb-NYT120
TuckerJohn C TuckerTuck-MET260
TuckerLucinda E TuckerTuck-MET260
VandykeH A VandykeVand-INV532
VanguilderFrank H VanguilderVang-VT-SBK2V524
VeringRay VeringVeri-INV652
VeringViolett V VeringVeri-INV652
VollbrachtSophia VollbrachtVoll-INV416
VonHoltEdyth L VonHoltVonH-INV543
VonHoltLydia E VonHoltVonh-INV543
WakefieldClara B WakefieldWake-MEW214
WalshMrs Thomas WalshWals-NYW420
WatersEssie M WatersWate-PAW362
WattsAlbert W WattsWatt-NYW320
WearHattie M WearWear-INW600
WearLaura G WearWear-INW600
WearOliver H WearWear-INW600
WearneMrs John S WearneWear-NYW650
WebsterMiss Ina E WebsterWebs-NYW123
WeemanMrs Sarah E WeemanWeem-MEW550
WeightJennie June WeightWeig-INW230
WeisheitCarrie WeisheitWeis-INW230
WeisheitLydia WeisheitWeis-INW230
WelshAnna L WelshWels-INW420
WentworthBessie May WentworthWent-NYW536
WentworthHuldah E WentworthWent-MEW536
WettlingGrace A WettlingWett-NYW345
WheelhouseSusie A WheelhouseWhee-NYW420
WhitakerMary A WhitakerWhit-MEW326
WhiteWilliard J WhiteWhit-NYW300
WhitonCassius A WhitonWhit-NYW350
WhittenGracie D WhittenWhitt-CTW350
WilburNorman WilburWilb-NYW416
WillsH E WillsWill-VT-SBK2W420
WillsMrs Wm H WillsWill-VT-SBK2W420
WillsMrs Wm W WillsWill-VT-SBK2W420
WilsonMrs Otis H WilsonWils-VT-SBK2W425
WilsonWillie L WilsonWils-VT-SBK2W425
WilsonWillie L WilsonWils-VT-SBK2W425
WinchelIda E WinchelWinc-VT-SBK2W524
WinchellIda E WinchellWinc-VT-SBK2W524
WixsonFlorence M WixsonWixs-MEW250
WolcottCharley WolcottWolc-OHW423
WoodMr Wm E WoodWood-NYW300
WoodsunGeorge A WoodsunWood-MEW325
WorthingJulia F WorthingWort-MEW635
WrightSamuel WrightWrig-PAW623
WyersZilla A WyersWyer-MEW620
WynnsIdea H WynnsWynn-MEW520
ZeigerAlvina ZeigerZeig-INZ260
ZimmerOrin ZimmerZimm-NYZ560
ZuckCharles J or T ZuckZuck-PA-SBK1Z200
ZuckCharles J or T ZuckZuck-PA-SBK1Z200

This database is one of the first online for calling card data. The cards come from all over the world (most from the U.S.) and date from 1850-1910 and are mainly undated.

- People around the world used calling cards for the call - which is a visit to someones house or place. Special etiquette rules were honored for such a visit.
- Ever wonder where your relatives visited? Or even where the calling cards they may have given out ended up? This database is meant to answer these questions and more importantly - how they noted themselves on the cards. The names can also give insight on what could be noted on documents.

- The data presented is to be considered "As Is" and the database owner (Colleen Method) should not be held liable for errors in names or in an entry. The names presently in the database come the owners own collection of cards.

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