Victorian Era Calling Cards Genealogical Database
Victorian Era Calling Cards Genealogical Database
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SurnameFull Name on CardIn Scrapbook?Soundex
AbbeyInez L or B AbbeyYesA100
AdamsMrs J F AdamsNoA352
AlexanderMrs D AlexanderYesA425
AllardClayton L AllardYesA463
AllenMargueritte L AllenNoA450
AllenCarrie M AllenNoA450
AllenClyde W AllenNoA450
AntisdelGeo. A. AntisdelNoA532
ArnoldNorman ArnoldNoA654
AuishMiss Sarah A AuishNoA200
AyraultMarilla AyraultNoA643
BairleyJohn BairleyNoB640
BakerMary C BakerNoB260
BanesWilliam L BanesNoB520
BarberVaughn B BarberNoB616
BarnerMay M BarnerNoB656
BarnesMarion BarnesNoB652
BarnesMarion BarnesNoB652
BarrettNettie J BarrettNoB630
BarrettNettie J BarrettNoB630
BarrettOssen A BarrettNoB630
BartmanMary S BartmanNoB635
BataWilliam BataNoB300
BauderMilo L BauderNoB360
BaumillerAmelia BaumillerNoB546
BaumillerAmelia BaumillerNoB546
BearssWilliam O BearssNoB620
BearssMattie C or G BearssNoB620
BearssAddie M BearssNoB620
BedmanHarry A BedmanNoB355
BentonJames F BentonNoB535
BickhartEven BickhartNoB263
BickhartMary S BickhartNoB263
BickhartJennie A BickhartNoB263
BickhartMary S BickhartNoB263
BickhartJennie A BickhartNoB263
BinderMary E BinderNoB536
BlackeebyTyna BlackeebyNoB421
BlackeetyFlynn BlackeetyNoB423
BlakeRose G BlakeNoB420
BlaksleeJessie M BlaksleeNoB424
BlatchleyAlice M BlatchleyNoB432
BlatchleyCharlotte BlatchleyNoB432
BlatchleyMiss Lottie B BlatchleyNoB432
BolligerTheodor P BolligerNoB426
BonlerIdea A BonlerNoB546
BossertLewis BossertNoB263
BotsfordDella A BotsfordNoB321
BoutilierMr & Mrs Lindsey BoutilierNoB346
BoyntonMyrtle L BoyntonNoB535
BrandenburgWm H BrandenburgNoB653
BrettMary D BrettNoB630
BrettMary D BrettNoB630
BrownAlbert E BrownYesB650
BrownAlbert E BrownYesB650
BrownAlbert E BrownYesB650
BrunnerGeorge BrunnerNoB656
BrunstEelena BrunstNoB652
BrunstEelena G BrunstNoB652
BuffingtonAddie BuffingtonNoB152
BuhrmanIra A BuhrmanNoB655
CargillSadie E CargillNoC624
CarpenterJames M CarpenterNoC615
CarrFrank V CarrNoC600
CarrollIda A CarrollNoC640
CarterW C or T CarterNoC636
CarterW C or T CarterNoC636
CavensFannie J CavensNoC152
ChadwickAnna J ChadwickNoC320
ChamberlainWm ChamberlainNoC516
ChaoongTsow ChaoongNoC520
ChaseJames E ChaseNoC200
ChesleyGeo. H. ChesleyNoC240
ChristmanA B ChristmanNoC623
ChristmanA B ChristmanNoC623
ChristmanA B ChristmanNoC623
ChristmanA B ChristmanNoC623
ChurchNan ChurchNoC620
ClarkRosa A ClarkNoC462
ClevelandLeonard ClevelandNoC414
CloughEdd CloughNoC420
CoffinHarry L CoffinNoC150
ColeCasimir P ColeNoC400
ColeGeorge W ColeNoC400
CollinsLizzie CollinsNoC452
CollinsLizzie CollinsNoC452
CollinsAnna M CollinsNoC452
CollinsAnna CollinsNoC452
ColtairAmanda M ColtairYesC436
ColtenVernie J ColtenYesC435
CummingsMary A CummingsNoC552
DahlOtto D Or O DahlNoD400
DahlAnders B DahlNoD400
DavisGeorge L DavisNoD120
DavisH B DavisNoD120
De KalbSylvester De KalbNoD241
De KalbLizzie De KalbNoD241
De KalbLizzie De KalbNoD241
DeakeElla F DeakeNoD200
DelkersJohn S DelkersNoD426

This database is one of the first online for calling card data. The cards come from all over the world (most from the U.S.) and date from 1850-1910 and are mainly undated.

- People around the world used calling cards for the call - which is a visit to someones house or place. Special etiquette rules were honored for such a visit.
- Ever wonder where your relatives visited? Or even where the calling cards they may have given out ended up? This database is meant to answer these questions and more importantly - how they noted themselves on the cards. The names can also give insight on what could be noted on documents.

- The data presented is to be considered "As Is" and the database owner (Colleen Method AKA Chilandra) should not be held liable for errors in names or in an entry. The names presently in the database come from Chilandra's own collection of cards.

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